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Industrial, Commercial, Marine & Agricultural

CVO supplies the likes P&G, KCC, GP through logistic suppliers Motion Industries, Kaman, Applied industrial Technologies.  Engineers can contact CVO Inc and arrange through the logistic suppliers for purchase.

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CVO Inc. can design and manufacture CV shafts for Ag and Industry.  Our designs are working in food processing, mills, pumps, dynamometers, rollers, generators etc.  CVO Inc. can refit many outdated designs into a more efficient (production and energy savings) design.  CVO Inc. can design CV shafts for high angle needs as well as high RPM requirements.  With CV joints that can plunge and articulate CVO Inc. can fit a CV shaft to your needs.  CVO Inc. can supply joints that articulate up to 50° degrees.  We also offer a special application CV that can work at 70° degrees. Used in the Massey Ferguson 4X4 tractor (we have these in stock). Oil bath applications, forced lubrication or oil mist lubrication for environments that are too severe for a boot.  CVO Inc. can provide a solution for your power transmission needs from propeller (prop) shafts, to irrigation, short coupling to telescoping.  From concept to design, 3D modeling, to prototype and production.  

Constant Velocity Joints and Shafts for Industrial Machines: Click here for images of CV shafts

Industries who use CV- Military, Steel mills, Wood mills (Weinig Moulder), Marine, Mining, Bottling plants (rinsers, fillers, packaging etc.), Grain Mills, Textile mills, Tube mills Mill Master and McKenica, Roll forming mills (brass, aluminum, copper), paper mills production (drier, press roll) and finished (folding, printing etc.), food (improved Krones labeling shafts) and beverage processing and packaging, Testing and Chemical industry, Film industry, PHEV, ConVel CV joints or complete replacements for discontinued parts. Sometimes called propshafts, coupling shafts or driveshafts these terms are generic as there are many types CVO Inc. works solely with true constant velocity joints and shafts. 

Universal joints to CV joints - Design new CV shafts to replace universal joints improving performance (see graphs below). 

Refurbishing or improving on existing CV shafts.  Some designs are out of date or no longer manufactured.  CVO Inc. can make replacement shafts with more readily available CV joints. Retro-fitting universal joint designs to CV joints make your machines run smoother with reduced wear.  CVO Inc. can repair some out of date Con Vel type CV joints.  Replacement shaft for MCI  coaches cooling fan shafts that fail in less than a year.

Additional benefits of using CV joints are a greener more efficient shop using less power & labor to produce the same qty of better quality products.  Using less power either by running less time to make the same number of parts or producing more in the same amount of time resulting in a decreased energy bill reducing your carbon footprint.  COMMING SOON EXPANDED LINE OF ULTRA EFFICIENT CV JOINTS FOR INDUSTRIAL USE.

Link to Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constant-velocity_joint


CV adapter flang from U-joint to CV joint Drawing CVO Images                CVO Industrial CV jointCVO Industrial CV joint

CVO Inc. is a NTN distributor of industrial CV joints.

CVO Inc. now manufactures two CV joints of our own design. 

CVO Inc. can supply GKN and ConVel industrial CV joints.

Dimensional sizes from 1" TRI-BALL joints to 28" DOJ

Torque ranges from 1 kgf·m to 9000+ kgf·m

Types of CV shafts and usage

Proof CVO Inc. can improve performance.

With u-joints there was a 4.7 ft/min fluctuation in velocity.

Comparisson Graph    Comparisson Graph

With CV joints there was a 68% reduction in velocity change to 1.5 ft/min as seen in the before and after charts above.  The velocity change now present is due to other reciprocating components on the machine.  CV joints result in a smoother more consistent delivery of torque.  This is actual data from a customer's equipment before and after CV.  After several months of operation there has been a 25% reduction in out of spec product.  CV assemblies also reduce wear and tear on bearings at connection points further reducing maintenance downtime and increasing  production capacity in speed and up time.  The above results were before and after on a McKenica tube mill.  The above data was provided by the customer, CVO Inc. was not involved in the testing or obtaining of the data.

In the tougher economy CV shafts save far more than the added cost.   CV shafts are more expensive than universal joint shafts though the difference is easy to justify in the savings.  Many of our customers are looking for ways to improve financially, environmentally (workplace and world) and productively.    

  1. Easier to maintain

    • CV joints can be maintained with minimum shop requirements in most applications, meaning the CV shaft can be repaired on site without much downtime and without the need to purchase another complete unit.  Many times universal joint shafts in industrial applications are run until the unit is no longer serviceable requiring a complete replacement.

  2. Less wear on associated equipment

    • While physics laws are constants the added effect of increasing and decreasing velocity is eliminated with CV shafts reducing the wear on bearings/bushings to the laws of physics and not imparting additional wear/ cost induced by the shaft.

  3. Better material control

    • In the above graphed study one of our customers shows the before and after results of switching to CV shafts.

  4. Less downtime

    • If a shop maintains its own equipment a CV joint can be removed and replaced in short order with simple tools with the shaft back in service quickly.  Further since the CV joint is not self destructive at angles the CV shaft will typically last longer before needed maintenance.

  5. Reduced electric

    • The obvious savings here is less waste in product resulting in less runtime for the same yield.  The other is there is less power requirement to turn the shaft itself resulting in power savings. 

  6. Quieter operation

    • Since the CV shaft does not induce any velocity associated harmonics the shaft portion will run quieter.  Another plus, depending on what design best fits the application there are some CV joints that allow for axial movement these can isolate harmonics and vibration induced from a portion of the drive or driven end from being transmitted through the shaft resulting in reduced noise and increasing the life of associated components.

  7. Longer Lasting

    • In many cases CV joints last longer than U-Joints due to the non self-destructive nature of the CV joint.  This mitigates the additional cost of the CV joint shafts and reduces maintenance overhead.

  8. Satisfied customers- click here to see.









If you are looking for automotive custom shafts click here. Racing

CVO Inc. has designed and supplied CV assemblies for:Steam Boat shaft African Queen replica

Boats Marine

Printing presses

Shafts for the seamer industry canning. 

Krone labeler

Mills (Wood and Steel) Improved replacement shafts for McKenica Mill, Mill Masters, Weinig Moulder

Generators (Hydroelectric (Water) and Wind)

Power Take Off PTO


Utility trucks and off-road equipment

Feed rollers, conveyors

Labelers- Improved shaft for Krones


African Queen CV driven









CV projects we are developing: 

  1. A thrust load CV joint for the mining industry. Prototype design waiting approval.

  2. A light weight CV joint for applications where weight is critical

  3. High Speed marine application

  4. Monorail system

  5. ATV

  6. UTV moved to initial production see above.

  7. Next phase PHELV development

  8. Our own CV joints.  We have begun production of our own CV joint design.  We have two sizes offered for small to mid-range torque loads.  This is in addition to the NTN product we are offering.

  9. Improved long lasting shaft for Krones labeling machine.

CVO Inc. uses Solid Works 2010 Premium with Simulation for development and design.

Stress analysis

CVO Inc. is a NTN industrial CV joint distributor.

CVO Inc. can supply GKN, or ConVel industrial CV joints.

CV joints of all sizes and types

The shaft in the right front is a ConVel CV used in mining it is no longer in production.  We are working on making quality replacements for these.  The CV shaft (left front) is a 1 ton GMC/Chevy.  The Small CV joint is ATV product and the CV in the rear is a large design with many industrial applications.  It has custom designed flanges to bolt where an existing u-joint shaft was installed.  This allows customers to implement CV shafts without modifying equipment.

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CV shaft for General Dynamics LSV CVO IndustrialV22 Osprey

Special Vehicle designed to fit in the V22 Osprey (picture courtesy of pentagon.mil).

This vehicle required custom axles to fit the requirements of

our customer.  CVO Inc. designed and produced axles that have not failed

after extensive testing which resulted in failure of other components.

Prior to CVO Inc. the customer could not obtain an axle that would last more than

fifteen minutes.  Other than a test to failure, on a machine designed to break the axle,

none of our product has failed as of this writing 2013. ( our first unit was produced 11-06)

2010 CVO Inc. has produced over a thousand units for this project.


CV Shafts with Quick detachment pins CVO IndustrialCV Shafts for extrusion CVO IndustrialCV Shafts for extrusion CVO Industrial



Tube Mill shafts---------------------------------Pump shafts for textile manufacturing-----------------Hex drive

The shaft in the three pictures above is stronger than the 1910 series Spicer or 15C Mechanics and 18N Rockwell.  CV joints are available from 1" to 28"+.  Application and use will determine the correct CV joint size for your application.  The above shaft is ~2 feet long and weighs more than 150 lbs.

Projects we have worked on or supplied parts to:
Test Dynamometer for a major University Designed CV shafting for a dynamometer for a transmission testing company.
Prototype propulsion system for a unmanned gyrocopter 2nd set of shafts for Argonne National Lab PHEV CVO Inc. taking part in green energy development.
Several marine applications Making shafts for Auburn University solar vehicle project.
A major airline manufacturer Paint trolley drive for automated painting UTV shaft in initial production run In Production
A prototype metal fab unit PY01 production for the military project beginning 06-06-08 Completed and delivered Dec 08
A prototype metal fab unit Several vehicles completing "Hybrid Fest" did so on product produced by CVO Inc.
All terrain use vehicles Supplemental order for military project Jan 09
Cargill Seed Oil production Supplying production shafts for UTV
General Dynamics (See image of military vehicle right & at page bottom) Working with companies designing shafts for zero emission vehicles.  Tesla Model S
University of California Davis (PHEV) Prototypes supplied for vehicle for municipal use in Canada. Westward Industries
3M Corp. - Film Stretcher Replaced u-joint shaft with CV in production machine for a defense supplier.
Sunny Delight - Bottle Machine Supplied shafts for a metal brushing machine.
American Trike Supplied shafts for university working with Argonne National Lab.
Driving Ambitions custom vehicle Supplied shaft to a paper mill for the drying section. (Shaft weighs approx. 400 lbs.) Sonoco
A NASCAR owner - Dynamometer Designed shaft for a PTO application for a small fire truck to run the water pump.
A Indy Engine builder - Dynamometer Designed shafts for rolling prototype for a major electric vehicle manufacturer (Seen on Discovery Channel)
Honda USA R&D - Dynamometer Received contract to provide pre-production units for electric and hybrid versions of a municipal vehicle.
A supplier to Mazda USA - Robotic Assembly Saw mill with an articulating saw head requiring a drive shaft that moves at various angles to cut wood.
Virginia Tech (PHEV) Prototype CV axles for a smart car project.  Tesla VW MB
A Pump Manufacturer (connecting shafts electric motor to pump)
Zenith Pump / Colfax Fluid Handling
Custom length axles for a company converting fossil fuel cars to electric power.
Cooper Union Received contract for production axles for a military application.
  1. Argonne National Lab (PHEV) on display at Hybrid Fest July 21-22

    1. Filmed for a possible History Channel Modern Marvels episode.

    2. On the show 'Batteries' the red test vehicle uses our product.

Development of CV assemblies for obsolete industrial applications.
Pump shafts for a company supplying equipment to the textile industry. Zenith Pumps 200 shafts Repair and make replacement shafts for Weinig planers and moulders
Tube mill manufacturer delivered 03-07 completing 2nd order for delivery 07-07 Completed  Improved replacement shafting for McKenica -Mill Master tube mills Design and deliver CV shafts for canning and food processing machines delivered world-wide
  Made Shaft for a 4X4 Camaro River Raider
Completed shafts for a military prototype vehicle 08-31-07. Designed shafts for an polymer extrusion machine
2nd tube mill completed 06-07  Supplied replacement shafts to a major copper and brass mill in the mid-west This replacement shaft was designed and delivered within 36 hours of rfq due to a failure in the existing equipment u-joint shaft.
Pump Manufacturer ordered 170 pieces to be delivered Oct 07 production started Aug 07  Completed Continuing orders for production electric shaft CV joints and trike axles for our long term customers.
2nd phase production for military vehicle pictured. 100 plus units production to be completed by 11-30-07 Completed Specialty shafts designed and manufactured for a transmission remanufacturer.
Provided CV joints for roll forming machine US manufacturer of fans. Shafts made and designed for a company that develops transmission fluids for automotive transmissions. 
Pump Manufacturer ordered 142 pieces to be delivered Jan 08 -Mar 08.  Delivered Developing next generation industrial CV joints for use in all areas. 
Designed and made shafts for a major glass manufacturer for windows going to the new world trade center. Supplying replacement shafts for use in the feminine hygiene industry.
Tube manufacturer placed order for prototype units for evaluation.  In production. Delivered Designed shafts to drive coating equipment for a former Kodak company that makes film for the MRI and CT scanners.
Southeast Asian firm looking for mass transit CV solution. In design. Developing shafts for energy production and exploitation- oil, gas, water, wind, pumps, turbines.
Paper mill looking for CV joints for rolling equipment. Kimberly Clark Corp Developed shafts for the paper industry customer for improved life cycle and efficiency.  At the request of our customer shafts were designed as 'bolt-on' replacements that will run smoother with less energy and last longer than existing shafts.  Proposed shafting will yield a ROI in longer service life between shaft replacement and more uniform product resulting in less waste and reduced energy spent in man hours, and electricity.  While the initial cost was higher than the current shafting the long-term cost reduction was determined to be beneficial.
Military vehicle moving towards PY01 production with associated shaft requirements. General Dynamics Prime Contractor Vehicle designated ITV Internally Transportable Vehicle for V22 Osprey. We make shafts for logistics companies.  Applied Industrial, Motion Industries, Kaman etc. 
Paper Mill looking to retrofit to CV for improved quality and reduced maintenance. CV joints for Dust Suppression Systems Video of machine running CV joints   CW MACHINE WORX link to company that makes the machine as well as machinery for demolition
Pump Manufacturer ordered another 100 pieces for delivery Jul 08. Delivered MCI Motor coach cooling fan shaft to reduce failures of the current u-joint design. 
Trike manufacturer ordered 100 pieces for production and started design on a different model. Kubota Belly Mower PTO shaft
Delivered prototype to manufacturer of electric off road vehicle preparing to deliver first order of 100 units. Jointed (Articulating) vehicle Shaft 
Designed a High angle Low RPM CV to work in a space restricted area. CV shaft to replace u-jointed shaft in a fracking machine








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Types of CV shafts

  1. Coupling Shafts - compensate for general offset with industrial machinery


  2. Fixed CV shafts

    Uses: General industrial machinery where larger operating angle is needed

  3. Fixed disk

    Uses: General industrial machinery where greater RPM and angle is needed

  4. Sliding Type (axial movement)

    Uses: Drive shafts where there is a moving end requiring axial movement in the shaft

Low angle solution for a high speed shaft


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High speed low angle CV joint







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Thanks for the pictures. When I grease the machine I check for play in the shaft. I saw a very small amount of play perpendicular to the shaft and rotationally that I had not noticed before. Because of the length of time it has run and the short life span of the old shaft I thought I should change the joints out at the first signs of wear just to be sure. I am very impressed with the drive shafts performance and happy to know that it could have run longer yet. Changing to the cv style shaft has saved us thousands of dollars. You should advertise this drive shaft in some of the hardwood lumber magazines. There are quite a few of these machines out there and the all have the same problem with the drive shaft. I just got tired of fixing it and spending all that money for something I knew was going to fail so I started searching for someone who specialized in cv joints, and I found your website. If you are interested in advertising I can give you the names of some of the magazines I think it would be worth considering.



R  King

Quality Hardwoods Inc. to CV joint conversion, u-joint to CV joint conversion, u-joint to CV joint,  drop in CV shafts to replace u-joint shafts.  Driveshaft parts procurement.  Connecting shaft design, CV driveshaft design, stationary equipment shafts,  articulating CV shafts

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High Speed shafts made for a transmission testing company.  These are fixed length shafts made for a specific use.