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CVO Inc. has designed drive shafts for marine applications.  Because CV joints operate smoothly throughout the designed range at steeper angles than universal joints marine designers can more efficiently plan the layout of the hull.  Plus using our CV shafts boat builders can use more efficient placement of engines (weight distribution) and components (not limited by narrow u-joint angles) because the CV joints can be offset without the vibration of a u-joint shaft. Additionally any axial thrust is absorbed by the shaft reducing wear on bearings.  With our product your boats will not have noise and vibration associated with the shaft.  The result is a smoother quieter boat.

This technology is proven in marine applications with Penn Yan and Satou.  An alternative to Aquadrive.  CVO Inc. can provide shafting for even larger vessels.  Ideal for new installations or refit CVO SeaDrv can supply the shafts you need to keep you on the water.

The boat in the photograph uses the driveshaft we designed.  The reason for needing this type of shaft is because of the angle between the diesel and the drive unit caused a high failure rate in the original u-joint shaft.  The boats previous owner had replaced the diesel and the new one did not align properly with the drive.  This was solved with a custom made shaft.  

40 foot racing Sailboat custom driveshaft.  Old shaft is at the bottom of the photo.

Shaft for a v-drive sailboat


40 foot racing sailboat with driveshaft by CVO Inc.

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High speed low angle plunging CV joint

This shaft was made to fit another manufactures flanges for installation on a 47 ft. ocean going catamaran yacht.  It is stronger than competitive designs and was made for a new boat that uses two identical shafts.  The 1 ton Chevy axle was put in the picture for scale.

Shaft Specs.

Weight 80 lbs. (36.36 kg.) at almost 50 inches (1270 mm)