Images of CV projects.  Since 2010 CVO Inc. has taken images of some of our products that aren't proprietary.  We have found this useful to customers looking to switch to CV shafts or are looking for possible solutions for their particular situation.  We make some very unique CV shafts that cannot be pictured. 


Krones Labeling Machine U-joint shaft is replaced with smoother running longer lasting CV shaft. 

Short coupled CV shaft replacement for marine use

Precision shaft for unknown specific use.  Fixed on both ends.  The raw industrial joint is in the front.

Large Scale CV joints - Multiple uses from Static factory equipment - Paper, Wood, metal industries to Marine use and more.

Replacement Dual plunging CV joint common on European equipment.

CV shaft for high angle long travel applications.  Weinig Moulders, Paper Products, etc. Working angles to 40 degrees.  RPM < 2000 (Allowable RPM is angle dependent)


This shaft is a omni-directional shaft with a quick disconnect set up.

CV shaft for manufacturing beverage industry

Very low back-lash CV shaft for the metal stamping industry

Our parts are in there somewhere.  It is our understanding this is a Nissan powered 4 stroke competing against 2 stroke outboards. 

Saw Mill shafts that have gone years past the original u-joint shaft in life.  Replaceable CV joints Shafts have been in use over 4 years.  U-jopinted shafts lasted ~9 months.

Toothed flange to replace a obsolete shaft converting it to a modern sealed unit for a polyester film plant.

This shaft has many uses in the industrial realm.  Canning, Seaming, Rolling, Forming, etc.

Made to order for Motion Industries.