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Constant Velocity of Ocala Inc. is developing and manufacturing CV shafts for use in all aspects of driveline use.  From automation to higher productivity, from reduced energy consumption to reduced down time CVO Inc. is developing CV shafts for companies who are moving ahead in the era of green efficient manufacturing.  CVO Inc. can refit many existing non-efficient shafting solutions to CV shafts that will reduce bearing wear on the drive and driven ends and reduce power loss due to the shafting.  CVO Inc. designs and manufactures shafts for military applications.   CVO Inc. makes stationary CV shafts and couplings for paper, wood, metal, tube, and saw mills, and many other manufacturing requirements.  In rolling stock CVO Inc. designs and produces prototypes and production CV axles for hybrid electric and electric vehicles as well as PTO shafts.             Click here for information on how CV's work CV vs Cardan/u-joint.


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CVO Inc. established October 1992   -Celebrating the first 24 years. -

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Drawing CVO Images

Drawing CVO Images

Drawing CVO Images

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