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Hello and welcome to the newest addition to the CVO Inc. site.  CVO Inc. now offers CV Supplies to rebuilders as well as technical support to customers.  In this newsletter you will find information on rebuilding and industry trends.  This I hope will help you as rebuilders to be profitable.  At a future date we also hope to have an online tech-manual for you to use.  It will be for our customers.  The rules for use will be posted when the manual goes on line. 


Tech tips:

2001 Saturn uses GKN axles.  The good news is the parts are already available from several sources.  Rockford series 542 available from Rockford CV and EMPI.  We will always try to list suppliers who have the parts if known.  Saturn has also adopted more from the corporate side of GM by using the little stub shafts in female inboards.  We used 626-4Y and 914-10 boots or equivalent. 

2003 Protege 2.0 uses 183 parts and is pictured on page 82D of the Rockford tech manual.  John @ Axle House of West Volusia provided the info.

2004 Hyundai Santa Fe 4X2 front axle uses the same cage and race that the Isuzu trooper 94-97 EMPI # 87-2789 87-4807.  Outer boot is the 86-2368 and the same inner boot as the NSK Mazda Millenia.

Subaru Impreza WRX 2002 casting number EBJ87 is an eight ball cv joint design.

2004 Mazda RX8 uses an eight ball cv joint casting number EBJ100 John @ Axle House of West Volusia.

2000 E320 4matic uses 275 cage 275-018B race the pass side bar is 15 inches with 30 splines.

1998-2002 Suzuki Esteem 1.8 AT Ds has OAL compressed length of 23 3/4 CV joints marked 79LAC and TJ79.  Boots are 184-10A and 184-3.  Outer joint has 25 splines and the inner has 22 splines.  193-0 cage 193-50 roller kit - I think there is also another version that takes 165/183 parts.

1998-2002 Suzuki Esteem 1.8 MT 5spd DS has OAL compressed of 23 3/4 CV joints marked 82LAC and DOJ79.  Boots are 184-10A and 184-3.  Outer joint has 25 splines and the inner has 26 male. 165 cage outer 193-60 and 193-068 PS has OAL compressed of 22 7/8

2001- Ford Ranger uses 178 cage and 178-10BD outer boot and 178-4Y inner boot.  May be the same as an Explorer axle.

2001 ^ Mercury Villager with tripod inner is interchangeable with the earlier ball and cage axles.

 2001 Kia Sephia 1.8 I think DOHC uses a outer joint with 28 splines.  213 cage  87-4827 race Bar length is

18 3/8 with 24 splines on each end.  So far the difference from the earlier 213 Kia Sephia cars is the DOHC.  If this is wrong I will correct this as soon as I have confirmation.

2004 VW PASSAT The passat with the hollow bar with 34 splines for the tripod.  You can use the tripod and rollers from the 86-90 Acura Legend to replace a bad tripod.  This will work on several VW products with the conical tripod and roller AND the ROUND inner housing.  You must use the complete Honda/Acura tripod and match the spline count.  The inner joints with the stamped 6 sided housing cannot use this fix.

2000 ^ Mitsubishi Mirage Stamped R87 uses 625 cage and race.  The boot is hytrel a 914-10 fits.  194-4 inner boot.  The tripod is the same as the 625 part GEO Storm tripod.

~Toyota Tundra 4X4 axles use 178-60 and 178-068 for the inner in the can.  The outer I believe is 178 parts as well.

69 SAAB 95 V4 axles use 194-10 outer boot.  No factory style inner boot is available through EMPI, Rockford.  The cage is 813-0.  The inner uses a two cap configuration with needle bearings.  Care should be taken when disassembling as the caps are free to fall off.  An excellent example of early CV tech. 

1986 CITROEN axles use 166 cage and 166-018A race with a 166-10 outer boot.  The inner can use the 178-4.  The passenger side axle bar is 15 11/16.  The rollers are special using a coated bearing without needle bearings and are not available aftermarket. 


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