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This is a just a quick note to say thanks for all your help and your patience. My cores went out today via UPS Ground Commercial and should arrive Thursday.

D. Thomas

I ordered 2 axles for my Subaru Justy Monday. They arrived today before
noon. Now that is great service by you and FexEx.
L.D. Johnson


Hello, I need price and shipment information on a CV joint for a Chevy Nova 1986, 1.6L single overhead cam, with automatic transmission, I thin the part number is CVO7212, my address is U.S.Army collection center in NY. Thank You!

CMR 419 BOX 2098
APO, AE 09102-2000


Dear Sirs,

Your company was referenced on the International Merkur Owners List today so
I have I checked the website and am pleased to see you are offering Merkur

I would appreciate hearing of how you sell the new Merkur driveshaft U joints
and hope to purchase these soon. I currently have no need for CV but do have
a question which perhaps you can answer.

On the rear drive axles of the Merkurs there is no mention in the Ford
manuals regarding phasing of the joints on the halfshafts. While by definition a
CV joint should not have phasing or alignment issues like a Hooke joint has, I
have noticed a tendency for the halfshafts to move axially during rotation,
particularly if the joint is a bit tight. This motion can be felt inside the
car if severe and may contribute to premature wear.

It seems to me that by proper alignment of the two joints on the halfshaft
this could be minimized. Are you familiar with this detail and do you have any
comments on best alignment arrangement?


T LaMers

'88 Burgundy Scorpio
'89 Brabazon Scorpio


Thanks for the quick response!
My Merkur had 2 clamps, so I'd need just the boots.
As to the T-bird parts, I'm checking.  Not sure what you're talking about . . . I'm putting the T-bird diff in my Merkur with a conversion kit welded to the rear cross member, and custom axles.  T-bird splines on one end, and Merkur splines on the other.  Simply clip on the appropriate axle end and install.
Thanks again, I'll get back to you soon,


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I just wanted to thank you for the exceptional rebuild you did on my 1969 SAAB 95 axles. I've included a picture taken after I installed the axles and the car drives better than it has in many years. When I started searching for a CV rebuilder I e-mailed many reputable companies. You were the first I e-mailed based on my web research and you were the only one to e-mail me back. Your willingness to take on this odd challenge speaks volumes in this cookie cutter make-a-buck world. Your customer service has been second to none, especially when one of my axles was beyond repair and we had to find a rebuildable core. As you know this wasn't an easy task and I appreciate the international efforts you made in searching for another axle. You also made my wife happy by getting the SAAB off jack stands! I highly recommend your work for any vintage SAAB enthusiast.

See Dave's Saab


I just wanted to thank you for your help making the custom axles for my V-8 Pontiac Fiero. They look great and fit great. Kevin is a very helpful and nice guy to do business with.

Brad Zurowski
Fort Atkinson, WI



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