The cv boot is the most important part of the cv axle.  Proper maintenance and inspection can extend the life of a cv axle.

There are many types of front wheel drive cars all requiring cv boots to protect the internal parts of the cv joints.  These boots are exposed to road hazards ( debris,  elements,  sand, etc.)  Since the cv boot is vulnerable to damage it requires frequent inspection to insure long life of the axle.  A recommended practice would be to have them inspected every time you change your oil.  Assuming you change your oil on a regular basis.  A cv boot should last a minimum 0f 40,000 miles providing it has not been damaged.
Any tears or signs of leaking grease should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Take care of your cv boots.  One of the main causes of failure in cv boots is road grime collected from normal driving.  This road grime is abrasive and eats into the material of the cv boot.  Over time it cuts it like a knife eventually leaving your cv joints exposed to the elements.  By wiping them off with a mildly soapy rag you will remove any collected road grime.  DO NOT apply any rubber protectant as it will attract dirt and grime.  If you drive a lot of dirt roads this needs to be done more often.

There are many different types of cv boots in the after market.  Some are quick fixes that will cause many problems in the long run.  The only proper way to repair a cv boot is to remove the axle from the vehicle disassemble and inspect the cv joint,  if on inspection the cv joints are good, replace the cv boot with one designed for the application.

CVO Inc. stocks only oem style replacement boots.  We don't sell boots that are not designed for the application.

We stock over 150 different part numbers of boots starting at $6.00.  Special pricing is available for WD's.

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