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Wed 3/16/2005 8:56 AM

Replaced the axle. Good work! The axle looks great and fit like a glove.
Have not had time to try it out but don't expect any problems.


I have received the CV joint today - thank you for your excellent service.
Regards Alan

How does the exchange work? I assume I ship the core back to you for a refund.

How much is the core charge and shipping to Danbury CT 06811?

What is the part number and delivery time?

Lewis W


 I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail. I bought remanufactured front axles for my 93 Mercury Villager from you last week. I received them on Friday, 11/5, installed them on Saturday and I have just put the old axles into UPS ground for return to you. My address is on the package but I sent them from work, just in case thereís any confusion as to who they are from. Thanks. By the way, the installation went well.


Andy M

Director of Engineering


It is standard in the re-manufactured auto part business that the cores are to be returned without which I would not be able to provide axles to the next customer.  Every parts store selling re-manufactured parts be it alternators or axles has a core charge on the part with companies not charging for the core adding it to the cost of the part.  Forgive me for assuming.  I will review how the web information is listed to make it clearer.  I have been selling across the web for 9 years thousands of internet sales and as of yet have had no complaints as to this policy.  The reason for the core charge to begin with is to ensure the old unit is returned.  Were it 5-10 or less money the old axles would be thrown away adding to more waste in the world. 

I post these emails on my customer comments page as well as post these emails to the Ultimate Subaru site.  Unlike some companies that donít care about our customers we do.  Also, You are not satisfied which is something we do strive to accomplish.  For that we will at your request return an old set of axles and on the return of the axles we provided refund your money or credit your card for Ĺ the cost of shipping using FedEx ground rates.

I regret your experience with us was not good.



Subject: Re: invoice # 19164

I would like to make a suggestion that you add that expense onto your shipping fees or at least make a note of such things on the web site or by phone!  If I would have ever known that I would be paying double shipping charges or be penalized $100 more dollars for cores, I would have never used your company. I cannot believe that you would expect your customers to pay the shipping fees for something that YOU want back! Outrageous!  I am completely dissatisfied and will share my experience with everyone that I know... including the entire Ultimate Subaru Club!

Kevin wrote:

I apologize I thought I responded.  Cores are returned at the owner's
expense.  You received $5.00 off for each axle already.  I regret any
miscommunication on my part.
Subject: invoice # 19164
Hi, my name is Amanda Heinemann. I placed an order 11-09-04, invoice # 
19164. I was just wondering when my credit card would be refunded for 
the return shipping amount for the cores that were shipped back 
($32.20).  I sent an email 12/17/04 and never received any response.
Hello again Kevin,  Some time ago you sent me this e-mail.  I responded that I had never intended to return the axles and we had discussed that I was not going to send any axles.  I had authorized you to charge my card for the core charge you stated below.  I cannot find where you ever did charge me for those cores.  If you will confirm that you have not charged me for the cores and e-mail me your mailing address, I will send you a check for the cores.  I appreciate your sending me the parts as you did and I would like to maintain a good relationship with your company.  By the way, that car is still not completed yet.  Parts for those cars are almost impossible to find.


Thanks for taking the time to reply.  Found "NTN 95LAC AMIR" stamped on the joint.  Will need the cage, race and 6 standard size ball bearings and two of those circlips (sp?) that snap into the groove at the outboard end of the CV axle shaft.  Zip is 42220.
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I should have these.  Please give me the casting number stamped on the CV joint.



From: john and sue
Sent: Friday, October 08, 2004 10:32 PM
Subject: from website


Wonder if you have cages for an 89 Subaru XT6?

 Front CV axles/AWD/5-speed if important.